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New Jersey Center for Cognitive & Dialectical Behavior Therapy (NJCCDBT) is committed to providing our clients evidence-based treatment to meet their needs. We have significant experience working with people with a wide variety of psychological needs, and carefully consider what treatment modalities will best help you meet your goals. We primarily utilize a CBT and DBT in our practice, and always consider your individual needs. We also believe in prioritizing the therapeutic relationship in order to create a collaborative treatment experience and maintaining communication and transparency about our treatment process with you.

We offer clinical services to children, adolescents, adults, and families. We have experience adapting both CBT and DBT  for people throughout their lifespan and enjoy collaboratively creating individualized treatment plans. We provide individual, group, and family therapy. Through our intake process we will learn more about you and your needs, and discuss a treatment approach to help you meet your goals.


We know that finding the right therapeutic relationship and approach is important, and we look forward to meeting to you and discussing how we can best support you.  

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Training & Experience

Bringing Evidence-Based Knowledge & Skills to You

At NJCCDBT we strongly believe in delivering evidence-based treatment to you. CBT and DBT are both treatment modalities that have been shown over and over again to work. There is an abundance of research demonstrating the effectiveness of these treatments. Our team has extensive training in both CBT and DBT. Both Lyndsi and Michael have intensive and advanced intensive training from Behavioral Tech in DBT and are able to offer comprehensive DBT treatment. Additionally, both Lyndsi and Michael have a variety of training in different CBT interventions and also provide continuing education in these treatments to other professionals. 

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